Cyclone 3mm Hood
A 3mm surf hood tailored to extend cold-water sessions by bolstering the warmth of any wetsuit. Featuring taped seams for maximum seal and our Hexo_Therm internal lining for extra warmth and maximum dexterity, if you surf anywhere other than the tropics, this is a worthy addition to your wetsuit quiver. Hexotherm 2 internal lining, taped seams, peak and chin guard.
RRP: £50

Cyclone 5mm Gloves
Made from our high-quality, limestone-based neoprene. Featuring liquid-sealed seams for watertight warmth, these unisex gloves are built with both function and durability in mind. The silicon hex palm print helps to maximize grip when duck-diving waves, while well-conceived pull tabs make it easy to get the gloves on and off. Liquid sealed seams, silicon hex print palm, pull tabs.
RRP: £70

Cyclone 5/4mm Split Toe Boot
With cold water sessions and rugged coastlines in mind, we set out to create a split toe boot to maximize durability, dexterity and warmth. Sealed seams, hexotherm 2 internal lining, resist panel at heel, dual texture sole, arch strap, pull tab.
RRP: £90


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