Custard Point //
Retro Fish

6’8″ x 22″ x 2 3/4″
VOLUME: 50 ltr
SHAPER: Tim Mellors
PRICE: £450 Tint £399.99 Spray

Using our shaping knowledge of old skool ’70s style boards and blending them with modern curves and outlines gives this board a retro feel that can perform modern manoeuvres.The main feature is the width across the mid section pushed further up the board in that retro style adding stability. The volume in this board continues from the stringer right to the rail and this increases the planning speed and allows for fast paddling over a short distance. We run this board in sizes from 6′ to 7’4″ and can custom build smaller. This board seems to be the happy meeting place for longboarders and shortboarders alike.

Custard Point //
The Ultimate Nose Rider

9’1″ x 23 1/4 x 3 1/4
VOLUME: 80 ltr
FINS: Single fin
SHAPER: Tim Mellors
PRICE: £600

The Ultimate Nose Rider is our most famous longboard first shaped by Tim Mellors in the mid ’90s. Often a talking point online in many forums and on social media with one very important comment by Donald Takayama “in its class, this is the best board I have ever seen”. The UNR features a stable 3 1/4 inch thick stringer and a wide 21″ nose and at 23 1/4 across the mid section it is a great board for walking! We also put a wide square tail which adds to the boards stability and increases surface area at the back for ridiculously easy wave catching much like a fish. It also features a parabolic nose channel that pulls in a mix of air and water under the nose holding the board as you effortlessly hang ten.

Custard Point //

Available in sizes 9’2 and 9’6
VOLUME: 82 ltr
FINS: two plus one
SHAPER: Tim Mellors
PRICE: £595

The Explorer! A fun slightly higher volume board which just like its name performs great as an all round board for most conditions. It comes in two sizes 9’6 x 23″ x 3 1/4″ and 9’1 x 23 x 3. So whether you are travelling around or you need a board in the van which you know will go no matter how small or big the waves! The Explorer will be your friend. It compares to our most famous board the Ultimate Nose Rider but has a slightly thinner nose and a wide rounded pin tail instead of the square of the UNR. These features coupled with the lower rail make it a bit more lively easier to turn off the tail. It also means the rail digs deeper into the wave face giving you good hold in your turns should wave size pick up.