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Cord Ark
Dims: 6’2 x 19½ x 2 9/16 – 33.7ltr

Meet The Ark, a design finely tuned and extensively tested over the last few years by shaper Markie Lascelles and Aussie hell man Noah Lane.
Goes great in anything from 3-6ft waves and a step-up version is available to increase that wave range up to 12ft. A Twin Fin setup on a 4-channel pin tail maximises speed and turning ability to give this board a great feel surfing off the tail and through your turns. Extra volume under the chest helps you get you into all the waves you need. The Ark has been our best seller since it’s conception and we have been stoked on the amount of positive feedback we have had on it!
RRP: £620

Cord Swordfish
Dims: 5’10 x 19¾ x 2 3/8 – 30.5ltr

If it’s high performance surfing in a range of conditions that you are looking for, The Swordfish is the model for you.
Developed with Noah Lane for a trip to the Maldives, we haven’t yet felt the need to tweak the design. A wider nose outline and the wide point is forward which helps with paddling into waves. At the same time the drawn in back half and the square cut swallow tail allows the board to excel in performance rail surfing. A flat entry rocker to maintain speed and a flatter tail rocker to give you drive out of your bottom turn, then lifting slightly into the fluted channels for squirt out of the end of your turns also.
Speed, response and a whole lot of fun sum up this sharp little fella.
RRP: £620

Cord Sunseeker
Dims: 7’0 x 21 x 2 5/8 – 43.7ltr

The Sunseeker is our go-to mid-length funboard, made for small summer days, works in waves up to 6ft. A must for longboarders who are looking for something with more manoeuvrability, a summer shortboarder’s dreamboat or for beginners who are looking for their first real surfboard to progress on. Lots of volume throughout for catching waves and flat rocker for faster paddling and planing. Spiral Vee on the bottom contour gives it a really nice, smooth rail to rail game. The template is a fuller outline, with a slightly drawn in nose and rounded pin tail, shaving a little bit of weight off, making it nice and manageable. Never really have a bad surf when we take this one out!
RRP: £750


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