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5’4”- 6’2″
A fish style, snub nosed twin fin made for small to medium waves, critical turns, airs, barrels and getting into waves easier. A beaked nose maximises volume under your chest for paddle entry. A low nose and tail rocker combined with a wider, straighter outline means a lot of surface area in the water which is great for speed and planing across flatter sections of waves. The tail is a wide swallow, giving good surface area on the water and great turning response. Between the twin fin boxes is a short split channel to help give the board more lift under the back foot helping with speed from the off and through your turns.
RRP: Starting at £660

The Ark
5’8″ – 7’2”
Good in all wave ranges from small to kegs. It’s a great all rounder for the quiver. Finely tuned and tested by shaper Markie Lascelles and Aussie hell man Noah Lane. Goes great in anything from 3-6ft waves. A Twin Fin setup on a 4-channel pin tail maximises speed and turning ability to give this board a great feel surfing off the tail and through your turns. Extra volume under the chest helps you get you into all the waves you need. ​​”The Ark” has been our best seller since it’s conception and we have been stoked on the amount of positive feedback we have had on it!
RRP: Starting at £660

Cord Flying Vee
5’4” – 6’2”
A twin fish for all conditions up to 5ft, but really fun in smaller waves. This board is great for critical turns, airs and going fast. Great in waves up to 6 foot. The Flying Vee has a wider plan shape and flatter rocker meaning its a great paddler and has great acceleration and drive from the flatness through the wide swallow tail. The Flying Vee can be a great small wave summer cruiser or used as an advanced high performance shred machine. It’s a very versatile model and one of our favourites in a lot of different conditions.
RRP: Starting at £660


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