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Ark model.
6’2’’ x 19 ½ x 2 ½
Volume: 34 litres
Fins: 4 channels twin fin
Shaper: Markie Lascelles
RRP: £600

The Ark model was born from Markie and Noah Lane throwing some ideas around in the shaping bay. Little did they know it would be one of our most versatile shapes to date – big waves, small waves, hollow waves or fat waves, it loves it all. Can be ridden from 5’4’’ – 8’0’’ in size too.

5’5’’ x 19 ¾ x 2 3/8
Volume: 30 litres
Fins: Twin
Shaper: Markie Lascelles
RRP: £600

Our modern take on a classic, the keel twin. Super drivey and responsive board with heap of paddle adds more fun to every surf! Can be ridden as a cruiser or surfed off the tail as high performance as you can go.

Projector model.
7’2’’ x 20 5/8 x 2 ¾
Shaper: Markie Lascelles
RRP: £750

We borrowed the outline from the ark and tweaked it a bit to aid paddle but keep the flow and turning ability. It’s a section busting mid length that turns on a dime, comes set up with a box and side bites as standard. Really great all round board.


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