Chilli Surfboards 2015

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Showroom: Laminations Surfboards Cornwall, Unit 3, Wheal kitty, St Agnes TR5 0RD


6’0” x 19” x 2 3/8”

(27.89 litres)

Shaped & designed: James Cheal

Complete with a 5 fin set up.

Chilli had never before produced a surfboard model with a pro team rider until Mitch Coleborn came along. Mitch is the perfect mix between power and pop, rail game and airs: The perfect all-rounder. So, who better to develop the perfect all-round board with? Enter the Spawn, a board crafted over months of refinement featuring a continuous rail line rocker, pulled in squash tail, single concave and a medium to low rail that allows the board to hold in when put on rail. Mitch weighs 75 kilos and rides his 5’10” in 80 percent of conditions. We suggest riding it an inch shorter than your normal shortboard.


6’0” x 18 7/8” x 2 3/8”

(27.0 litres)

Shaped & designed: James Cheal

Welcome your new model to fit the much needed 5 fin round tail board in the quiver. Fresh with a thumb tail (not too wide for bigger stuff and not too pinny for the smaller stuff, a perfect balance), very fast outline with no break, all drive and speed for this one. With a new rocker changing the sweet spot allowing you to get up in the trickiest take offs and be smack bang on target for the whole wave. This board works really well in the pocket. We kept a single concave in the mid section, allowing it to hold through turns when your out on the face. Just behind the back fin it goes to a flat bottom for release and an easy transition from rail to rail.