Stanley Eric Norman -the 13 year old grom from Bude in Cornwall, UK has just returned from an end of season trip to the North Shore of Hawaii. Conditions were pumping and crowds thin. 

Here’s 10 questions with you young British shredder. 

1.) For someone who has never been to Hawaii why is it so good?
Hawaii is an amazing place to visit. Not only are the waves super good but the scenery and walks are breathtaking too. Oh and I happened to have the best ever sarnie (sandwich) of my life at Wailua Bakery.

2.) Why is it such a pull for surfers?
The waves on Hawaii are sick. There’s a wave for all abilities from 2ft Rockies to 20ft Waimea. There’s so many great stirrers too to push your level the whole time.

3.) Top 3 favourite waves to surf?
1st is Pipe because it tests your surfing to the limit. You have to be on your toes the whole time.
2nd is Rocky Point because it’s so much fun as you can do all sorts of turns and good tubes too.
3rd is Sunset. It was so good because it makes you scared all the time.

4.)Where was your best wave of the trip?
At Sunset. I dropped down and saw the lip and I was so scared but I didn’t fall and it was my most memorable wave. Amazing.

5.) Biggest waves you paddled out in?
Waimea Bay for sure. It was hard to say how big it was. Ive never seen waves like that. 15ft for sure. I didn’t really get any waves but was pumped to see it up close.

6.) Any bad wipeouts?
My friend Jo Morris dropped in on me at Sunset and I had to change my line and I just died! And I also broke 3 boards in one morning at Rocky Point when it was pretty big. That sucked.

7.) How hard is it getting a wave at Pipe?
When Pipe was good it was pretty much impossible to get one of the good ones. But when you do you can get the wave of your life. The locals there are amazing. I saw Koa Rothman and Nathan Florence get some amazing ones.

8.) Do you really need a big board at Sunset?
You do because the wave is really powerful and scary too. It moves around a lot and it’s good to be abel to get out of the wave and also get ito some big ones. On the biggest days I used my coach Joel Gray’s 7fter and it felt good.

9.) Top 3 places to eat?
Ted’s Bakery is really good any time of day. Wailua Bakery in Haleiwa does amazing smoothies and sarnies and then the mexican food truck by foodland is good too.

10.) Who were you on the trip with?
It was a coaching trip with Surf Solutions. There’s was me and Jo Morris from Wales, Liam Murray Strout and Will Masterman. They were all so good. Liam was so nice and he helped me to surf better and also gives me tips on how to get the girls. Jo was so amazing he just makes the whole trip fun and Will is super good because he pushes me to surf good all the time.


stan backhand takeoff

Back at the start of the summer Stanley Norman took a trip to the Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden facility with his coach Joel Gray and the rest of the Surf Solutions Grom Squad. It was a chance to work on some key technique movements, learn some new skills and have some fun in this new technology.

“It was so good once I worked out where the good end section was to do air reverses. The wave is so good, each one just exactly the same and so it’s easy to learn things. You can do carves, snaps and airs and the water was warm too” Stan Norman

“This is a great facility to train. As a coach you crave the opportunity to work in an environment that eliminates all the variables present in the ocean. We were able to get really specific from the get-go with goals and biomechanic themes. Stan and all the other groms really did improve in the short time we had there.” Joel Gray, Surf Solutions

All photo’s credit @surf_solutions

stan bottom turn stan bh air stan fin throw stan fh snap

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Surfing isn’t an easy sport to learn, but with enthusiasm, patience, persistence and loads of hours in the water, you will begin to feel like a natural on your board. Which is where surf schools and surf camps come in. Surf coaches are amazing at spotting the little tweaks that make all the difference to your surfing, and teach you all the best techniques right from the start. What’s more, you’re in a safe environment with qualified instructors and lifeguards. Coaches are also great at advising you about the best boards for your ability, awesome local surfing beaches and must-see surf hotspots around the globe. Even if you can surf already, a coach will spot your bad habits and help you to progress quicker. So, book up a few lessons and get ripping!



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If you’re going on holiday then try one of these surf camps. As well as hours of surfing every day, there’s usually other activities such as yoga – plus you get to meet and like-minded people to share your experiences with. Once you’ve spent a week concentrating on your surfing you will soon see the results and wish you’d booked up sooner!

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Wave Project Summer Surf Challenge

UK surf competition for people with disabilities!

A weekend of free surfing for disabled people will take place at The Wave Project Summer Surf Challenge on June 21-22 in Newquay.


The event at Fistral Beach will include a surf competition for people with disabilities, plus free surf taster sessions all weekend run by former UK surf champion Russell Winter and pro surfer Hannah Harding.

Sponsored by insurance company Amlin, the competition will be the only one in the UK open to people of any disability.

It will see people with different disabilities surfing against each other, with weighting applied to their scores depending on their ability.

The idea was put together by staff at The Wave Project in partnership with surf competition expert Dave Reed, who runs the UK Pro Surf Tour.

It means that the contest can be open to as many different people as possible who want to take part.

Wave Project spokesman Joe Taylor said the emphasis was on inclusion and having fun.

He said: “The competition is an opportunity for surfers who are classed as having a disability to show what they can do.

“It’s worth remembering that some of the world’s greatest surfers have impairments – people like Bethany Hamilton, who lost an arm in a shark attack, or Clay Marzo who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism.

“We would like to show that surfing is one of the sports where disabled people can compete on a level playing field with able-bodied surfers. This is a chance to do that while having lots of fun in the process.”

The event is also an opportunity for people with a disability to try surfing for the first time with the support of some of the industry’s most seasoned pros.

Former UK surf champion Russell Winter will be on hand to take people into the water and give out tips, and alongside him will be Wave Project surf ambassador Hannah Harding, herself a pro surfer.

Hannah said: “It’s a real honour to be able to work with people with disabilities in the water and see the smiles on their faces when they catch a wave.

“I’m really stoked to be taking part in this amazing event!”

The event is also being supported by Surfing GB, the national body for surfing.

Nick Rees from Surfing GB said: “We are delighted to be supporting this fantastic event. Surfing GB is committed to increasing opportunities for all in surfing across the UK, so we are proud to be supporting the Surf Challenge for Autism that will enable people on the autistic spectrum to participate in a high profile competition.”

A spokeman from Amlin, which is sponsoring the event, said: “We are proud to be sponsoring this initiative and creating opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy this exciting sport.”

People who wish to take part can complete an entry form on the Wave Project website at