Captain Fins Guide 2015

Captain Fins

Alex Knost

This template was designed by Alex Knost and is 100 percent handmade. Flex Fins work great in everything from short stubbies to mid lengths, to big old noseriders. They create very little drag resulting in maximum trim. The more raked back the fin is, the wider the arc of your turn will be. The more upright templates will have a much tighter turn.

Available in: 7.5″, 10″, 11″

Dion Agius Psych Floral Thruster

The Dion Agius fin is a great all around fin. It has a classic outline making it well balanced in all conditions. From beach breaks to point breaks, airs to tubes… this fin can do it all.


Simon Anderson

After inventing the thruster in 1980, Simon Anderson won Bells a year later in flawless 12ft surf on his revolutionary concept. He now has an extensive range of fins with Komunity Project in four sizes, available in Futures and FCS tab system and quad and thruster.

RRP: £70 (Thruster)

£90 (Quad)