C-Skins Summer Wetsuits 2015

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HotWired ‘DryKnit’

The world’s hottest wetsuit. Built with a totally stitchless construction and all over use of the DryKnit inner lining the HotWired is unrivalled as the ultimate high-performance cold water wetsuit. Loaded with the latest technology, such as H2X Dry Flex outer lining, C-Flex Hot Taped inner seams, flex embossing and lock down cuffs; no compromise needed.



Wired ‘DryKnit’

The Team suit. The Wired is C-Skins most iconic wetsuit: Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene, DryKnit lining, C-Flex Hot tape internal seams, flex embossing, Enigma Free Floating zip and lock down cuffs, it’s no surprise it’s the number one for C-Skins team riders. This wetsuit stands out for all the right reasons (and that’s without the signature team colours); the Wired provides uncompromised stretch, enhanced durability and warmth.




The ‘comp’ version of the Wired offers insane performance at an affordable price. Featherlike weight, incredible fit, unrestricted flexibility and warmth make it a favourite for spring and summer. Loaded with features such as the Enigma Free Floating zip system, P.E.T Recycled polypro chest lining and C-Flex Hot Tape internal seams strategically placed at critical points.