Bradley Chocolatine LC6
The LC6 Chocolatine has been designed for maximum performance out of an incredibly versatile craft. The flex patterns are controlled by the integration of carbon layers during lamination. By strategically placing a wide carbon cloth patch under your feet, we have given you a rigid platform to create drive with. This platform will give the board a fast twitch memory that will react to your movements, without losing the natural flow that is so integral in surfing.
RRP: £600

Bradley One
Bradley’s first all-out full high performance design. With wins from Kelly, Jeremy, Wilko, Leo etc. This board has constantly evolved, but the basic rocker has stayed true. It carries great speed, hold and drive in all types of surf and also lets you pull out the raddest manoeuvres. THE ONE is the evolution of the CB1 model. Christiaan’s oldest and most widely used performance pro model. Evolution continues in rail shape and overall dimensions which change from year to year. The Devil and Flare models were offshoots of this model.
RRP: £560

Bradley Onya
The Onya by Bradley is for ripping waves. Small waves, medium waves or good waves – the Onya will get you in early and carry you over those dead sections. When that lip arrives that needs hitting, the Onya will put you there. A full bodied board with a rocker design that’s the ultimate for weak surf but still rips when its good. A board that you can count on as a complete all-rounder. Available in squash, round and swallow tail.
RRP: £560

Bradley Solution LC6
Taken from a high performance shape that was tested by pros, we added volume where we could. Suited to surfers with a good ability level but maybe lacking fitness or not being able to surf every week. Loads of drive and hold, and maintains speed with minimal effort. This board is designed for older, experienced surfers, so the dimensions represent this. If you have one board, this would be it. Volume under the chest and slightly rear make this board very user-friendly. Great all-rounder and perfect for a one-board surf trip. We added this to our LC6 range as this will be a popular surfboard in both PU and EPS.
RRP: £600


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