Bing Longboards 2015

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Specifications: 9’2″ x 22 5/8″ x 3″ • Shaper: Bing Copeland

In the 1960s the Bing Noserider and Lightweight models set the standard for perfection. Today, that model of excellence is the new Bing Elevator. Combining concave and a step deck in the nose with a subtle tail rocker for well balanced lift suitable for mind-altering noserides. The flex in the nose allows you to lock into the pocket and pump down the line, while the lift in the tail stabilizes the board allowing you to find the sweet spot with ease. Unlike many noseriders of the past, the Elevator holds its forward projection and is easily piloted through hard directional pivots off the tail. Two-stringer (bass), black foam tband, red T+B, patch, single box.

Levitator 9’0”

Specifications: 9’0″ x 23 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ • Shaper: Bing Copeland • RRP: £950

The Bing Levitator certainly lives up to its name. Adopting a similar but more blended deck and rockerline to the Bing Elevator, the Levitator combines a relaxed step deck and slight concave with a wide outline and foiled 50/50 rails, allowing you to defy the laws of gravity and noseriding. Find yourself clearing through every section you encounter while still hanging ten with insane amounts of speed on the nose. Where the Elevator is more ideal in steeper beach break style waves, the Levitator works best in waves with a little more slope, like your local point or reef break. Ideal for people who like more volume with stability, glide and lift in the nose, the Levitator is an easy beginner noserider as well as a versatile board for the more advanced surfer.

High Five

Specifications: 7’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 3″ • Shaper: Matt Calvani

The Mini High Five is quite simply the cutting edge of mid-lengths. Looks like a longboard, flies like a short board. A great one board does everything. The Mini High Five is the very latest in the High Five range It has a five fin option with a single concave going in to Matt’s unique Venturi concave between the fins, making this model the fastest most manoeuvrable mid-length we’ve ever tested. Thinned out rails provide control at higher speeds and a domed deck provides the paddle power and flotation you need.


Specifications: 7’10” • Shaper: Matt Calvani

The Bing Collector is the ultimate quiver killer. Originally designed as a quad set up, but now with an added fin slot to allow you to take advantage of the wide nose and great nose riding potential. Called the Collector because when you surf it you will quite simply “collect” waves. You can always surf this board from the tail, use the board’s nose width for paddling ability and never walk it… But as soon as you step forward you will soon realise it is a perfectly capable nose riding vehicle. Undoubtedly our most versatile mid-length.