Billabong Winter Wetsuit Accessories

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Xero Enduro gloves

GBS furnace lining adding extra warmth and comfort. Features glued and blind-stitched seams, silicone palm print for grip, furnace thermal lining and ZG400 mesh neoprene construction
3mm: £35
5mm: £37
7mm: £40


Xero Enduro Split Toe Boots

The ultra warm 5mm Xero Enduro Split Toe boot offers liquid dipped sealing and sensitive contact sole technology for a grippy fit. GBS, dry max furnace lining for extra warmth and comfort, adjustable strap.
3mm: £39
5mm: £42
7mm: £45


Xero hood

As part of our Xero collection, this 2mm hood offers reliability with a no frills approach to design. Built with our exclusive AX1 Airlite superflex neoprene, it offers an optimum blend of flexibility and durability. glued and blindstitched seams provide enhanced warmth as well as block water leakage. Furnace lining for warmth and flexibility. Includes a visor and an adjustable face opening to customize the fit.



This 3mm bootie was designed specifically for warmth and comfort. Utilizing the most advanced materials and construction techniques, it’s one of the most advanced booties you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing. Made from our exclusive Airlite Superflex neoprene, it offers a premium blend of flexibility and durability. Includes a split toe design.
3mm £35 and 5mm £40