Art of Trim Surfboards 2015

Art of Trim
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Showroom: Down the Line Surf Company Ltd, Market Square Arcade, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4EA


5’10” 20 1/4” 2 9/16”

A flat rockered, high-performance mush-buster with subtle single to double concave and plenty of curve in the planshape – particulary through the tail owing to the mini-swallow. Super fast yet drivey and conducive to tight arcs. Futures 5 fin set up.


5’4” x 19” x 1 1/4”

A scaled down version of the Bandwagon for the groms, flat rockered, high-performance mush-buster with subtle single to double concave and plenty of curve in the plan-shape. Super fast yet drivey and condusive to tight arcs. FuturesTri-Fin set up.