Peru, South America

surf travel

The Peruvian coast it is extremely dry and barren but home to some amazing waves. Wave season is the Southern Hemisphere winter when big south swells give surf of Hawaiian proportions. I was there at the beginning of March and the swell was generally about 6′. The water temperature is warm enough for a shorty wetsuit. Air temperature are around 28 degrees most days with sunny or hazy weather. It rarely rains on the coast in Peru.

It is quite cheap and easy to get around in Peru. The bus stations are hectic but you never have to wait long for a bus. There are some areas in the mountains where it’s still not safe to go because of guerillas. Punta Hermosa is a holiday town about 50 km south of Lima is a favourite first stop. Home to a La Isla, Punta Rocas, Kontiki and the legendary big wave spot, Pico Alto, a famous big wave spot. Thre’s is also Huanchaco, a sandy left point with some rocks and urchins at low tide. Puerto Chicama is an hour or two north of Huanchaco. It is supposed to be the longest left in the world with rides of 3 – 4 miles possible.