E-Bomb Pro Zip Free

This is Mark Boyd’s go-to suit for surfing the chilly Thurso waters. It uses generous thickness neoprene and secure seals on the ankles and wrists to ensure there is no risk of flushing. We use neoprene tape inside for a more reliable seam seal and 100% Surflex nylon throughout, with all the flexibility you could ask for. The inside body and lower leg use our favourite Fast Dry Lining to trap air against your skin and help with speedy after surf drying.
RRP: 6/4mm: £280


Simplicity is the USP for the Torch. Tried and tested Surflex for the outer nylon and fully taped seams for durability inside, it also uses wrist and ankle seals outside to help prevent any flushing. As with many top-end Alder wetsuits, we use an eco-friendly glue called Aqua Alpha. RRP: 5/4mm: £220


The high performance Luxe has ridiculous amounts of warmth and stretch. The new “FX Surflex” used on the upper body allows superb flexibility around the paddling zones. Moving to the inside you’ll find “FDL” on all panels which works by trapping air against the skin which helps maintain body temperature, drying super quick and allowing you to get two sessions in a day with one wetsuit. All inside seams are taped, securing water tight seams and a long life free of leaks.
RRP: £260


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