Situated on the northwest coast of Africa, Morocco is a cheap accessible destination with quality waves. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go through a time warp and step out in the Middle Ages, here’s your chance to find out! Culturally and climatically diverse, Morocco is the sort of place that tends to appeal to the more adventurous travelling surfer. Arabic is the principal language but most Moroccans also speak French.

The waves Morocco is the land of reeling right-hand points, with a load of punchy beach-breaks thrown in for good measure. Generally the waves aren’t as heavy or hollow as those in, say, the Canaries; however, on big swells the best pointbreaks can get epic, with waves up to ten-foot-plus peeling for hundreds of yards.

Hot spots The fishing village of Tarhazoute, just north of Agadir, is the focal point for surfing in Morocco between December and March. When deep lows are spinning across the north Atlantic the swell will be big enough to wrap into this sheltered stretch of coastline and provide quality waves at Anchor Point and Killer Point. If they’re flat, you just jump on a bus and head up to the beach at Tamri.

Accommodation At Tarhazoute, you can get accomodation at all levels these days it’s depends how much you want to pay. The town has become fairly developed since the old days of surfers turning up with their vans. The best thing is to stay with Surf Maroc or check out other surf camps in the area. The alternative is to get a package deal and stay in a tourist hotel in Agadir, 30 minutes’ drive from the waves.

Food and drink One of the tastiest Moroccan dishes is a tajine – a fish or meat stew cooked in a big clay pot. Cous-cous, kebabs and fish will also be on the menu. Alcohol can only be bought at hotels and tourist supermarkets because of Islamic law. The local wine is disgusting (but effective), while imported beer can be pricey. The Moroccan’s favourite drink is sweet mint tea.

Don’t miss The opportunity to hear your mate bargaining like a lunatic for a rug to take home, and uttering the immortal line “Ahh, smell those Tuareg campfires – unmistakable…” as his purchase ignites on a gas lamp.

Hazards World-class thieves and pickpockets, camels running havoc, and Arabic men of dubious sexual orientation.

How to get there Flight-only prices to Agadir with easyJet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus; package holiday companies like Thomson may offer cheaper deals.

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