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The Player

Range: 5’6″ to 6’8″

Shaper: Matt Adams

This is the ultimate small wave summer board. The Player features a deep double concave right through to the nose creating lots of lift and glide over flat sections whilst the retro beak style nose allows more foam under your shoulders for speedy paddling and ease of wave entry. This model also has a slightly flatter rocker than usual which helps make the most of the sloppy surf around the UK. The tail on this model also has a double bump through the hip allowing tighter in the pocket turns, comes as a five plug setup for use as a quad or a thruster. Order 1″-2″ shorter than your standard shortboard.



Range: 5’4″ to 6’6″
Fins: 3 or 4/5 fin setups
Price: £449 in clear finish with fins. Shaper: Matt Adams

TD5 is a Tonka with a diamond tail and five fin plugs for those guys who prefer to have the quad option. Basically our version of Dumpster Diver. Matt has redesigned this board to suit British surf. It has a fuller and more curvier template with its centre mark sitting slightly higher than standard. A deeper single concave to maximise performance from the wider template and a slightly flatter rocker to increase speed over those weak sections. Matt has also moved the fin cluster slightly further forward to accommodate the wider tail section whilst still maintaining that tight in the pocket manoeuvrability. Great all round board.


The Littel Donkey

Range: 4’8″ to 5’10”

Shaper: Matt Adams

One of our most popular models “The Little Donkey’ is by far the most directional small wave board ever released by Adams. Specifically built for really weak and boring waves, it will make those lousy surf days a whole lot of fun. The constant flow of vee running from the nose entry through to the tail complements the flattest rocker in the Adams range. This vee creates quick transitions from rail to rail enabling you to gather speed through the weakest and flattest sections. Matt has left a lot of volume throughout the board with a flat deck and full rail, making sure you are hovering over every section and avoiding any bog down time. It might sound extreme but we recommend you ride this board 6-8 inches shorter than norm.