7S Surfboards 2015

Art of Trim
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Salt Shaker

5’10” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8”

(28 litres)

Fins: The Salt Shaker comes with an FCSII Accel. M thruster set.

RRP: £505 – £550

Richie Lovett spent years surfing at the elite level and designed the 7S Salt Shaker to offer a dynamic and responsive ride, with the added advantage of extra stability and flow. Hybrid performance shortboard outline with additional width through the mid section. Tapered nose, curved rail line, and squash tail are designed to fit with the contours of the wave allowing tight pocket turns and fast rail transitions. Full-length single-to-double concave geared for maximum speed, sensitivity and control. Maintains speed over flatter sections, and will perform explosive turns in the most critical parts of the wave.


6’6” x 20 3/4” x 2 5/8”

(39 litres)

Fins: The SF3 comes with an FCSII Performer M thruster set.

RRP: £550 – £620

The new SF3 catches waves like a dream and offers the perfect balance of stability, speed and performance. Parallel rails and extra width through the nose provides a really stable platform to work from and generate speed. The tail outline tapers to maintain overall manoeuvrability, and the flyer creates a release point when performing turns. The swallow tail also adds bite especially in smoother conditions. A lively single-to-double concave provides great down-the-line speed, and sensitivity off the tail when transitioning from rail-to-rail. Plenty of volume under the chest extends to the nose and tail providing paddle power so you can get into waves early. Full rails keep the board sitting nice and high in the water.


6’1” x 20” x 2 7/16”

(31 litres)

Fins: The Slipstream comes with an FCSII Reactor M thruster set.

RRP: £500 – £550

The all-new 7S Slipstream is a one-board quiver that will adapt to a range of conditions from mushy beach breaks to surfing down the line point waves. This board is a true hybrid, both from a design perspective and by definition of its performance. The front half resembles a modern fish and is great for generating speed and acceleration when driving off your front foot. The back half resembles a traditional shortboard with a refined outline and a forgiving round tail for smooth, yet controlled rail transitions. Regarded as the most user-friendly hybrid model on the market, the 7S Slipstream not only makes performance surfing easy, but it will give your wave riding a whole new perspective.