Place of Thorns tells the story of one of the world’s most incredible waves, Puerto Escondido, from its discovery by early surfers when it was just a small coffee port in Mexico, to the bustling tourist Mecca it has become today. After five decades, Puerto continues to draw surfers from across the globe to the town’s main beach, Playa Zicatela, as they pit themselves against some of the biggest, most deadly beach break waves on the planet.

Join us as we explore the dynamics of this unique wave while celebrating some of the best swells and rides ever documented on its shores. Along the way we discover why the Mexican Pipeline is amongst the most challenging surf spots in the world, and what it takes to ride it. But it’s not only the town that has changed. The iconic wave is under dire threat, galvanizing the local community as they take a united stand to save the wave and their home.

A film by Now Now Media presented by Monster Energy
In Association with Saves The Waves and Ocean & Earth
Produced by Alan van Gysen and Edwin Morales
Executive Producers Ryan Franklin and Kazmira Krawchuk
Directed and edited by Will Bendix

Featuring: Coco Nogales, Shane Dorian, Bianca Valenti, Greg Long, Matt Bromley, Nathan Florence, Quetzal Estrada, Jeff Divine, Craig Peterson and others.

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