A petition and a Gofund page have been set up to fight the development of a mega resort after the shock notice given to local homeowners and businesses of their properties demolition within 24 hours.

Raised funds willgo to:
1. Cost for a local lawyer to help with this case
2. Help locals with rebuilding and relocating

“The old town of Imsouane, with its unique vibe and local businesses, has always been a magnet for tourists. Its charm lies in its authenticity, the warmth of its people, and the livelihoods they’ve built over generations. The place is famous for it’s beautiful wave which attracts surfers from all over the globe. But now, this cherished place is under threat due to planned demolitions that will start in just 24 hours!!

The proposed demolition will not only erase a significant part of the characteristic charm of Imsouane but also displace many residents who will lose their livelihoods. These are people whose lives are intertwined with the very fabric of Imsouane – their homes and businesses form an integral part of what makes this town special. And many locals depend on tourism for their income – an industry that thrives on the unique appeal that places like old-town Imsouane offer. ”

Sam Bleakely said ” It’s become a charming town. But it’s now under threat due to planned demolitions that will apparently start in just 24 hours to construct what could be a completely unsustainable mega resort. The proposed demolition will not only destroy the oldest most atmospheric parts of Imsouane, but displace residents who have invested their lives and careers into the town and its future. This has also happened in Tifnit down the coast. The local and international surf community put this place on the map and must have a voice with authorities and developers in these plans.”