Beautifully understated, ‘Outer Edge of Leisure’ is the latest chapter of core surf cinematography featuring Russell Bierke by filmmaker Andrew Kaineder.

Amidst a boundless expanse of turbulent waves and remote seascapes, Bierke emerges as a silhouette on the horizon, the tempestuous waters his canvas. Each wave is not a battleground to conquer, but an opportunity to be in tune with the rhythm of the ocean’s pulse.

Contrasting black and white 16mm and Hi-Res cinematography, set to a unique solo drum scape ‘Outer Edge of Leisure’ takes you on a visual journey as Russell redefines his own idea of surfing as a leisure activity.

Directed, Filmed, Edited by Andrew Kaineder / @andrewkaineder

Art: Nick Green
Music: Maria Moles

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