The J-Bay Open Country Feeling J-Bay Surf Classic was held at Supertubes, Jeffrey’s bay, East Cape, South Africa, on the newly formed ASP (WSL) World Tour.

Mark Occhilupo, an 18-year-old from Cronulla, NSW, won the event unleashing a backside attack that changed the game on tour and around the world.

His coach at the time, Derek Hynd exclaimed: “Those there to witness it left with the impression they weren’t just watching the best surfing ever—they were witnessing the best surfing that might ever be. In my notebook, I had to invent new codes for what he was doing.”

Occy sported his now-iconic pink, and blue short-sleeved Peak, was riding riding a thick, boxy, low rocker Rusty thruster, and was only a few weeks from stating his infamous quote, ““Now I want to get real and stop these American wankers”,” in Australia’s Tracks Magazine.

The mid-1980s was a time of a clash in generations on tour with Curren and Occy leading the new guard. Lifelong great sporting rivalries were being born amongst future world champs and the l
level of surfing on tour was being transformed forever.