Dillon’s one of my favourite surfers of all time, but he wouldn’t believe me if I told him that. We travelled together extensively filming for various projects right up to when his sponsors pulled the pin. I was kind of a jerk, when he asked me if Former would sponsor him I said we could use an accountant as a joke. The truth was we were just in no position to sponsor someone as a barely fledging business. Dillon flipped the script and went back to school to study economics. I didn’t see much of him for a few years and when we did see each other I’d make frat boy jokes and I still don’t know if he hated my guts but he says he never hated me when I ask.

Hunter and I have been talking about making a ‘Searching for Dillon Perillo’ film for a few years cause he vanished suddenly from the spotlight and obviously it’s a parody of one of my favourite films ‘Searching for Tom Curren’ but we’re both huge fans of his surfing and wanted to do a chapter 11 vid on him to update the surf world. Then he came on this trip with us and here we are.

I didn’t see Dillon on many waves in person on this trip, I cut my dome during best part of swell and I rarely saw his waves from the front when we did surf together. When I saw the footage I was blown away, not many people surf like this. His style and technical ability are an insane combination. Stoked to showcase his surfing and tell his story, hope you enjoy!

– Dane