“Waiting through gale force winds, darkness, blizzards, white outs and snow makes it all the more special when eventually the magic happens.” says Ian Battrick, and he would know about it.

Batty spends months of his life sleeping in his car or van, living on porridge oats, on freezing cold Nordic adventures, check out his Artic adventures below, Batty is indeed a classic. @ianbattrick  @lunasurf

An arctic adventure with surfing nomad and underground ripper Ian Battrick. Batty is about as hardcore as they come, global solo surf traveller and super stoked, this edit was mainly self-filmed over time, using a GoPro or camera just left on a tripod. With over 20 years experience of surfing the Arctic, Batty will do anything for a strike mission as this edit shows…

Thank you for the additional clips from:
Vilhjálmur Ólafsson
Mike Cochran
Baptiste Hardoy
Ben Weiland (Dane’s waves)
Steve Lewis
Elli Thor
Haukur Arara Gunnarsson