Nic Von Rupp embarks on an exhilarating surf and island-hopping escapade in Peniche, a geological wonder of the Portuguese coast where there’s always a place blowing offshore. Peniche is one of those places that seem to be conceived by a surfer’s mind. It welcomes all kinds of swells and winds and provides waves and conditions for all levels of surfers, from inexperienced novices to high-skilled pros. But don’t be fooled into thinking Peniche is just about surfing. Joined by his girlfriend, Nic takes a romantic trip around the medieval town of Óbidos, one of Portugal’s must-go places, before jumping on a boat and paying a visit to the breathtaking Berlengas Islands natural reserve, a jewel of Portugal’s West Coast. From towering barrels to exploring hidden coves or walking around old castle walls, this is a journey of history searching, nature immersion and red-hot surfing action.