After a rollercoaster WSL Championship Tour season wrapped up in California, Jack Robinson and João Chianca shelved all thoughts of rest and relaxation when they saw a booming swell heading for the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. With the famed Cloudbreak a huge and very welcome re-addition to the 2024 CT schedule, Jack and João had no hesitation in launching a last-minute strike to one of the planet’s most revered waves with two goals in mind: R&D for next year, and to celebrate their sterling seasons by getting barrelled out of their brains.

To call the trip a success would be an understatement. Jack and João – and assortment of friends including Yago Dora, Ian Gentil, and Kai Lenny – indulged in a tubefest of the highest order, and headed home buzzing over their first trips to Fiji, and excited to tackle Cloudbreak in competition next year.

When Dan Scott’s incredible footage landed in our hands we had no hesitation in pulling together the edit you see above, and got Jack on the phone to find out if Cloudbreak lived up to its billing as the world’s most perfect wave, how much time he spent parked in the pit, and just how hungry he is to get back to the South Pacific in 2024.

Press play now to soak up all of Dan’s work and Jack’s wisdom, fresh from the South Pacific. Enjoy!