Rip Curl Surf Series Anti-Chaos Bucket

Is your car suffering from the regular assault of sand, seawater and boot juice? Have you lost your fin key, wax, fins, sunscreen…again…Turn your messy surf-mobile into a streamlined shred machine with the Surf Series Anti-Chaos Bucket. This flat-packing car organiser is custom-built for the beach. Featuring two main compartments, dedicated fin organiser, tech pockets, and wet/dry sections for post surf storage, plus spots for your wax and sunscreen, and nifty carry handles to swiftly bring in and out of the car without spilling. It’s an epic surf hack that makes The Search a little less chaotic! Shop here

Bulldog Hang Time Magnetic Kit Hanger

Hang your suit on your can, or car boot.
It features a strong magnetic base that can hold up to 20kg of weight, making it suitable for hanging heavy items.
The hanger comes with a stainless steel M6 eye bolt and a stainless steel 70mm carabiner, which can be easily attached to the hanger to hold items securely.
To protect from scratches or damage, the hanger has a protective silicone coating. Shop here

Then use with…

C-Monsta Wetsuit, Boots & Gloves Hanger

C-Monsta Hangers are the best thing you’ll ever buy for your wetsuit. The unique design has been perfected to dry your gear faster, helping stop damp, smelly wetsuits, boots and gloves from ruining a great day out on the water.
This updated design has a wider mouth, more accessory hooks, stiffer top hook and a rounder wetsuit rail. Use with a magnetic hanger to dry your stuff out on the road. Shop here

Rip Curl Piss Off Tabs

Look after your wetsuits and they’ll look after you. With Rip Curl Piss Off Tabs you can extend the lifespan of your ultimate wetsuits, boots, rash vests and accessories. This scientific antimicrobial formula aids in the elimination of bacterial build-up keeping your neoprene products smelling sweet so you can use them on The Search for longer.
Shop here

Protects your wetsuit from nicks and rips from gravel, mud, dirt and sand. This tough, waterproof changing mat folds out into a flat 1.2m diameter circle, designed for standing on whilst getting changed.
Once changed, throw all the wet gear into the centre, pull up the drawstrings and it’s packed neatly away. The material is fully waterproof and heavy duty so can be washed down and wont leak if a wetsuit is left inside it.
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