Birth of The Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey Takes Readers and Listeners on an Impassioned Voyage to Find the Perfect Wave

Narrated by surfing legend Rob Machado, the audio and ebook acts as the ultimate companion to The Birth Of The Endless Summer Documentary, as well as a loving tribute to surf culture.

“Waves are fleeting. We catch them, ride them, dance across them, then they disappear. But they don’t. They resonate, play back. They put bounce in our step. They shape us as people. The same could be said about travel. What are the long term effects of these surf odysseys? How do they change, enrich, enlarge one’s life? That was the question posed to some of the surfers in this book.”
Jamie Brisick

Introducing Birth of The Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey, a new Scribd Originals work that takes readers and listeners on a passionate exploration of surf culture. Authored by writer and former pro-surfer Jamie Brisick, this companion piece to the film Birth of The Endless Summer, scheduled for U.S. theatrical release on June 14, transports readers through a collection of captivating stories from surf luminaries and legends as they celebrate the lasting impact of the 1964 classic film The Endless Summer from Bruce Brown Films.

From soul-searching adventures to the discovery of elusive waves and the forging of a global community, our companion piece to the film Birth of The Endless Summer illuminates the lesser-known tales that form the backbone of modern surf and pop culture. Featuring a foreword from Richard Yelland, the documentary film’s award-winning director, both the book and film act as an homage to the vibrant culture that has captivated enthusiasts around the world.

Launching June 28 exclusively on Scribd as an audio and ebook, Birth of The Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey expands on the themes of the film, offering unique content, reminiscences, and perspectives, including several from interviewees not featured on screen. Packed with untold stories, the audiobook version, narrated by legendary surfer and Surfers’Hall of Fame inductee, Rob Machado, immerses listeners in captivating tales of surf culture.

The companion book – a first-of-its-kind from Scribd – can be read as a stand-alone and continues the film’s idea of surfing as a “dream adventure that allows you to write your own ending.” The title’s release on Scribd comes less than a week after the theatrical release for those who want a bonus feature-style glimpse into the world, beaches, habitats, and people that define the surfing generation. This time, the surf odyssey continues as Brisick’s poetic narrative brings new stories shared by surf luminaries and legends to life.

Birth of The Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey is a generation-hopping, nostalgic piece that examines how the captivating lifestyle of the surfing community expanded before the days of social media. It also acts as a guide to the seminal moments and individuals that have kept surfing and surf travel thriving in pop culture since Bruce Brown’s making of The Endless Summer. Offering a new take on the culture that audiences won’t find elsewhere, the book highlights the modern, tight-knit surfing community. By the end of Birth of The Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey, seasoned surfers, the surf-curious, and travel fanatics alike will want to grab their surfboard and hit the nearest wave.

The short-form story is 73 pages and will take approximately two hours to read or listen to in full.

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