‘Following the Fall Line’ is a portrait of Bryce Young and the people who have inspired him on his own journey. This film, produced by needessentials and edited by Milo Inglis, showcases the unique surfing and skateboarding talents of Bryce Young while giving an in-depth understanding of the influences that have helped shape his creative approach to waves and terrain. Flowing on from concepts explored in the 1977 film “Fall Line,” cinematographers Ti Deaton-Young, Milo Inglis and Gabe Roxburgh beautifully capture the way Bryce’s environment and community influence his creative approach to life. In the film narration Bryce explains how the talents of Ti Deaton-Young, Nat Young, Ryan Burch and Laurie Towner have played such formative roles in his development. With an eclectic soundtrack featuring Huun Huur Tu, Dorothy Ashby, William Onyebor, Mick Turner, Terry Riley, Fenua, William Tyler, Donny & Joe Emerson, Goanna and JJ Cale, this film is a stunning portrait of Bryce Young following his own fall line.

‘Following the Fall Line’ is a film by Milo Inglis and produced by needessentials.com

Surfer – @bryce_young
Produced by @needessentials
Edited by @miloinglis