“A little Spark”

Episode 1 catches up with Matt, recounting the hazy history of the RNF’s humble inception, while shaping a 5’5” x 19 1/4” for Kolohe, who hurriedly hops down to Australia and promptly proceeds to put it to use, popping off in playful, punchy breach break, with youthful enthusiasm.

We skip over to Indo and catch up with Mason, happily hotdogging an unnamed left and then back home, to Hawaii, where he recklessly romps through anything and everything, all around the island. Jumping across to California, Griffin spends one full fall day, basking in the sunshine and golden glow of his home break, making a case that the RNF could conceivably be ridden as competitive contest equipment.

Finally, don’t skip the credits, as we stay with the Trestles theme and host a fish fest down at everyone’s favourite corner of cobblestone, featuring a classic collection of team riders, old and new.

“There was very little talk of fish in the surfing world. It was the fall of 94’ and there was a little blip of Tom Curren surfing in Long Island in New York on a kneeboard with a fish tail – there was a little spark. No one was making them at the time. Chris Ward was only 14 at the time but a religious Curren follower so he asked me ‘make me a fish’… I made a 5’5”x19 ¼ with the nose and tail the same 14 inches apart. I didn’t have much to go off, but I just fucking went for it. Then he took it to Hawaii with glass-ins and started ripping it.” – Matt Biolos