In this edit we go to a place that not many surfers want to surf. Why, it’s super powerful, if you wipeout you’re more than likely end up on the rocks plus it’s a long way from civilisation so if you get hurt, a long way to go to the hospital. This spot is your typical Aussie slab which means it breaks HARD on a shallow reef. If you can paddle it your normally a bodyboarder as breaks very quick But if you’re Nathan Florence, Kipp Caddy or Moroccan legend Jerome Sahyoun then you’re good enough to paddle it.

We were invited down to this location by a keen bunch of locals.They graciously offered me a jet-ski to shoot off to get that cinematic moment. Mind you, where you sit to get the shot is very precarious as on the big ones it tends to closeout so i was constantly looking over my shoulder to see if we were safe. Sometimes I felt like i was out at Nazare.(oh yeah, you fall off, you & your camera are on the rocks)

Also invited was my good friend & slab hunter Dylan Longbottom with his daughter Summa.
What went down over the three days at Mumma Luna’s definitely wasn’t your typical surf trip. This one went down as one of the best Swell Chases ever.

Enjoy. @tim_bonython_swellchasers/