Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 217

May 23, 2023

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Travel. This issue is packed with it. It is without doubt one of the best things about surfing.

I remember, as a grom, my head being filled with tales of wonder by the crew hanging out at Tris surf shop after they’d returned from places like Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali. How someone drove a Morris Minor from the UK to Colombo, of round the world yacht trips and waves like you’d never seen. I used to sit on the cliffs of Porthtowan and wonder what was over the horizon.

St Ives as it happened, but still, when you live in a valley with one road in and one road out and you don’t have a car, it kinda looked exciting!

Porthleven was my next aim. After bagging a ride I got my first surf there and I fell in love with the place. Then, on around the coast of Ireland, Scotland and beyond. My head is full of memories; laying in a tent listening to glaciers calving in the highest mountain ranges of the Andes. The sights and smells of Bali when it was a truly special place. Camping on a beach on a tiny island, off an island, off Tonga, just hanging out in the middle of the Pacific.

And then there’s also the people you meet, the on-the-road experiences, and of course the surf, which after all, drives us out of our comfort zones.

Some of our stories come from afar, some nearby, but all encompass the essence of adventure – which can be on the other side of the world, or like groms across the globe, just on the other side of the bay.

Dig in, we hope you enjoy, and maybe even plan a trip…