Living just 20 minutes away from Yokohama, Sano regularly surfs on the black-sand beach near Enoshima. Add into this that he didn’t start surfing until into his 80s, it really is never too late to start, if you don’t use it, you loose it.*

“I have never thought of myself as an old person. I always feel that I can still move forward. I can still do it. I can still enjoy it.”

“I enjoy being swept up in the wave, I am not a good surfer. So I call myself a ‘small-wave surfer’ — out of respect for those who surf well.”

Stay stoked Seiichi, stay stoked.

*Seiichi was was 88 years and 288 days old when the record was verified by Guinness World Records on 8 July 2022. He was born in Hokkaido on 23 September 1933, and will be rocking the the big 90 this year.