Checl out the trailer for the schweet new full length movie by Jack Coleman, an immersive and mesmerizing dive with some of the worlds finest wave sliders, available for you to digest on Vimeo on Demand

“You don’t just watch a Jack Coleman movie, you plunge into Jack’s world. And it’s a joyous world — full of peeling waves and sideways drifts and luminous characters and always, always, always great music.” Jamie Brisick

“I define surfing as the action art of riding a wave of energy
leaving only a disappearing wake behind…
A total now dance of harmony & union with the wave’s energy, and its source.
When I swim, or paddle out to catch an ocean wave,
I am exercising my forgotten wings.
When I wait for the right wave to come to carry me,
I am meditating on natural reality and absorbing vital minerals from the
Mother of all biological life on this planet… the ocean.
Patience, health, and wisdom naturally result.”

John Peck