Competing on the WSL Championship Tour might seem like a dream but for the athletes who eat, breathe and sleep surfing’s Major League, things don’t always come easy. In 2022, Japanese surfer Kanoa Igarashi experienced the highs and lows of a young man who has made no secret of his desire to hoist surfing’s most prestigious trophy, consequences be damned. Tour life’s a rollercoaster though, and whether Kanoa’s wearing the yellow jersey at Bells or coming up against wildcards old (Mick Fanning) and new (Mateus Herdy), he will never let himself take anything for granted and won’t take his foot off the gas till he’s reached his final destination.

As Kanoa travels from Hawaii to Europe, Australia to El Salvador, Brazil, South Africa, Tahiti and beyond, it is all done with one target in mind: the WSL Finals at Trestles, in San Clemente, California. Raised just up the road in Huntington Beach, there is nothing Kanoa would wish for more in life than to claim the number one spot in front of friends and family. Although, his peers are an incredibly talented collection, driven by the same hunger and dealing with the same lessons and hurdles as the athletic natural-footer.

Chapters is a fly-on-the wall look into the day-to-day life of an elite surfer and his motley entourage. Hit play now to join Kanoa and co. as they circle the globe, honing in on success but soaking up their spectacular surroundings along the way. Enjoy.