‘Surfaced’ is a documentary film about resolve, recovery and the power of the sea. A personal story by professional ocean photographer Nick Corkill.

You should definitely watch.

Nick was on a downward spiral of addiction coupled with a bit of bad luck when a surf trip changed his life.

You probably wouldn’t guess it by the antics of the press of late, but one of the best things about being in the media is the privilage of being able to help people. It can be just a kind word, a thank you, or in Nick Corkills case just the opportunity to show his work. Which as a surf mag we love to do.

He was a young British surf photographer, the shots and story were interesting, so of course we said yes.

It wasn’t until some years later when we met Nick told us the his full story, and how that one email and article affected his life giving him some of the spark to kick his habits, get into photography and help other people. We were gobsmacked. Still are to be truthful. And humbled and grateful to have played small part in his amazing recovery and story. Now he is sharing his story in the hope of helping others. As he rightly says “If you can help one person, it’s worth it.”

And if you have trouble with addictions, or anything else, always looks for the rainbows. They are always out there amongst the storms. (He sent us his link from the Mentawiis!)

Nick turned his life around and is currently working with the Calm Camera Club, a men’s mental health and photography group, but he is also available for motivational talks.

Director & Cinematographer: Paul Stevenson

Production company: visual hybrid – Shot on RED Gemini 5K

Surf Cinematography: Jason Yeoman


Producers: Rory Nunn, Nick Corkill, Paul Stevenson

Special thanks to A Blaze of Feather

Music: ‘Clock Hands (Instrumental)’ by A Blaze of Feather, courtesy of Kobalt Music Ltd.

Music coordinator: Rory Nunn https://www.instagram.com/rorycnunn/