It’s rare that you find a surfer with as diverse a skillset as Natxo Gonzalez. There are high performance rippers, there are chargers, and then there’s Natxo, who has beaten his own path from the start. Not happy to just be one of the world’s best big wave surfers, the young Basqueman stars at point breaks and beach breaks across the seven seas, or so it seems from the outside.

In My Last Two Winters, Red Bull Surfing’s latest big wave series, we take a look inside the minds of some of big wave surfing’s leaders, and in this first edit that means exploring all things Natxo. If there’s a XXL swell on the charts you can guarantee that no matter where Natxo is in the world he’s plotting a way to intercept it, from pumping Mundaka in Spain to heaving Puerto Escondido in Mexico, and from the wilds of Africa to Portugal’s own Nazaré.

It’s not always comfortable but it’s raw and it’s real, and that’s all that matters. Press play above to meet Natxo now, you’re gonna love him.