CCC voted unanimously for action on discharges into rivers, bathing waters and shellfish harvesting areas and for the work to be funded by reduction of bonuses and dividends rather consumers.

CCC said “every river in Cornwall and across England is now polluted beyond legal limits and that chemical pollution is mostly caused by sewage discharges from water companies and run-offs from farms through poor nutrient and livestock management”.

The are writing to SWW’s chief executive, the Secretary of State for Environment, and the chairperson of the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee calling for greater enforcement of “existing regulatory powers” for both sewage discharge.

SWW said it said it had reduced spills “in this year’s bathing season” by 50% on 2021, and the duration of those spills by 75%.

Which is pretty funny as we have just had one of the driest seasons in years, and we all know what happened when it started to rain again…

Bit naughty….