Inspired by the lockdown stories of surfers rescuing and basically saving hundreds of lives in the last week Langland Surf Lifesaving Coach and Trainer and fanatical surfer Andy Parkinson has put together a series of videos you can use to save the lives of your mates, or randoms in trouble.

It’s well worth everyone knowing these techniques so you can do your best, because not knowing and feeling helpless is a pretty shit feeling. Even if it doesn’t all go to plan at least you have given it a go.

At the moment in most these cases the chances of you contracting Covid are 1,000s of times less than the casualty dying.

Always call 999 before taking any action, unless you are the sea and don’t have your phone, in which case call for help.

Get as many peoples attention as you can as you go over to aid the casualty.

In the water get one designated person to go and call in for help and co ordinate.

Let the most experienced person in your group take the lead.

Stay calm and focus

If you are inexperienced stay calm stay safe and wait for help. Don’t turn one casulty into two.

Do your best, that all anyone can ask for.

Assisting a distressed/ tired paddler

Assisting a conscious swimmer

Assisting an unconscious surfer

Dealing with an unconscious casualty – Covid19 CPR