The Rip curl European Grom Search finals took place in Praia do Molhe Leste in epic four foot conditions. The spot delivered some sick wedgy right-handers. It was sunny and offshore all day and all the groms could express their full potential : Air, barrel and turns.

Congratulations to all the competitors who came from across Europe and especially for the winners.

Unfortunately, with the Covid situation the international Grom search finals has already been cancelled but stay tuned as we will announce son the 2022 Rip curl Grom Search series schedule.

A big thanks to the Portuguese Surfing Federation, Peniche Surf Club, Citroën, Fatboy, FCS, Smith, HydroFlask, Ocean 52, Greenbush for supporting the 2021 European Grom Search series and finals.

Full results below.

Under 16 Boys
1- Kai Odriozola (Spain)
2- Paco Alonzo (France)

Under 16 Girls
1- Enera Palacios (Spain)
2-Sarah Leiceaga (France)

Under 14 Boys
1- Matias Canhoto (Portugal)
2 – Lukas Skinner ( Uk)

Under 14 Girls
1- Constancia Simoes (Portugal)
2- Nuria Maganinho (Spain)

Under 12 Boy
1- Oinatz Ortega (Spain)
2- Tiago Guerra (Portugal)

Under 12 Girl
1- Adriana Hidalgo (Spain)
2- Lee Anne Boudine (France)


Under 16 boy

1-Kai Odriozola (spain)
2-Santiago Graça (portugal)
3-Paco Alonzo (france)
4-Tom Hook (uk)
5-Laars Peters (belgium)

Under 16 girl

1-Enara Palacios (spain)
2-Erica Maximo (portugal)
3-Sarah Leiceaga (france)
4-Belle Betteridge (uk)

Under 14 boy

1-Hans Odriozola (spain)
2-Joaquim Trindade (portugal)
3-Lukas Skinner (uk)
4-Matias Canhoto (portugal)

Under 14 girl

1-Luna Carrera (Spain)
2-Constancia Simoes (portugal)
3- Sofia Matos (portugal)
4-Nuria Manganinho (portugal)

Under 12 boy

1-Oinatz Ortega (Spain)
2-Tiago Guerra (Portugal)
3-Amaury Guibert (France)
4-Harvey Water (UK)
5-Tristan Stratz (Germany)

Under 12 girl

1-Adriana Hidalgo (Spain)
2-Mel Canhoto (Portugal)
3-Lee-Ann Boudine (France)
4-Lila Skinner (UK)