A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to support an impact driven surf docuseries called “Surfers’ Dharma”

Co Producer Melissa Olgun says ” We are documenting talented surfers who are living their purpose and making an impact. It is a call to action to the surf community and to all of us, really, to look within and step up as ambassadors of the planet and give back.

“The series was born out of the desire to create lasting change. As watermen and women who spend hours of our time in the ocean, surfers are in a way on the frontline of the environmental crisis and other worldly issues and therefore, we felt, a good initial audience.

“Our mission with creating this series is to empower people to step into their unique gifts, shed light on conversations too little shared in the surf media, and support organisations who are already making an impact.

“Through this series we will shine light on conversations that deserve more attention including but not limited to: mental health, addiction, the power of mindfulness and meditation, the rise of women and equality, the importance of Indigenous wisdom, the shadow sides of the industry, permaculture and going zero waste, and more.

“We believe in the stories we feature will have the potential to create lasting change in terms of global sustainability, mindset, and awareness. We plan to connect with as many other Earth conscious, people conscious organisations in order to uplift them and collectively work together towards a healthier planet.”

The Kickstarter campaign is now up and ends April 11th. Check out the trailer to learn more about the project.