This was the day Lucas Chumbo surfed the biggest wave of his life. And apparently, not only the biggest wave of his life, but the biggest wave ever surfed! Unofficial measurements are already beginning to appear in which there is talk of 29.67 meters in height (97,3ft tall), which would exceed the record set by Rodrigo Koxa on November 8, 2017 with 24.38 meters. Many people managed to film this wave that could enter the Guinness World Records, but very few had the opportunity to experience the preview of a unique day with Lucas from the inside. As you can see, big wave surfing is not just about grabbing his board and hitting the water. Many preparations are necessary to surf in Nazaré and Lucas does it with a calmness that sets him apart from the rest. Not only is a lot of work required out of the water. Finding the wave, being in the exact place where it breaks and that your partner manages to position you well is a job that takes years of preparation. That is why the recognition is not only for how the wave is surfed, but for all the work that is behind those seconds that the wave itself lasts. Also a great recognition for the pilots. In this case, his partner Ian Cosenza.