Rip Curl will organise the Euro GromSearch Finals 2021 next week in Peniche, just before the Meo Pro Portugal presented by Rip Curl.

• Participating, the winners of the euro countries (France, Spain, Portugal and UK), girls and boys, -16 years old, -14 years old  -12 years old

• + 3 winners of the online contest.

• A Peniche on the 28/02 to the 1/03, spot to be defined on the 28th according to conditions

Under 16 boy
1-Kai Odriozola (spain)
2-Santiago Graça (portugal)
3-Paco Alonzo (france)
4-Tom Hook (uk)
5-Laars Peters (belgium)

Under 16 girl
1-Enara Palacios (spain)
2-Erica Maximo (portugal)
3-Sarah Leiceaga (france)
4-Belle Betteridge (uk)

Under 14 boy
1-Hans Odriozola (spain)
2-Joaquim trindade (portugal)
3-Lukas Skinner (uk)
4-Matias Canhoto (portugal)

Under 14 girl
1-Luna Carrera (spain)
2-Constancia Simoes (portugal)
3- Sofia Matos (portugal)
4-Nuria Manganinho (portugal)

Under 12 boy
1-Oinatz Ortega (spain)
2-Tiago Guerra (portugal)
3-Amaury Guibert (france)
4-Harvey Water (uk)
5-Tristan Stratz (germany)

Under 12 girl
1-Adriana Hidalgo (spain)
2-Mel Canhoto (portugal)
3-Lee-Ann Boudine (france)
4-Lila Skinner (uk)