Taylor Owen Mason is organising this fundraiser to benefit Surfers Against Sewage. The worlds first yoke half marathon raising funds for Surfers Against Sewage.

For his 3rd sports challenge he’s going to attempt to complete the worlds first strongman yoke carry 1/2 marathon covering the full 13.1 miles with a 60kg yoke frame on his shoulders (which is 83% of his body weight.)

“For my first challenge (The Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push) I chose a charity dedicated towards researching mental health and developing treatments. For my second (The Mighty Hammerthon) I chose a non-profit organisation dedicated towards changing the social media and technological landscape that impacts the quality of our mental wellness daily. Now for my third challenge I want to focus on a positive and support something has been a source of happiness, peace, clarity and comfort for myself and millions of others – the ocean.”

“Surfing and spending time near (or in) the ocean has been a fountain of good mental health for centuries. It’s given us so much from being the very place of our origin to delivering a whole host of life and eco-system supporting properties but now we’re facing an ocean crisis. Our waters are being polluted with waste and sewage, big companies are continuing to harvest and expand operations of drilling for oil, populations of marine life and coral are being depleted and going extinct and yet on top of all that over 8 million tons of plastic is ending up in the ocean each year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 640,000 double decker London buses – that’s actually insane! The worst part is we don’t seem to be slowing down BUT it’s not too late to have a massive impact.”

“Surfers against sewage is on a mission to save our oceans, educate all who will listen and create a culture of ocean activists who are willing to fight for change – thriving ocean, thriving people. I’ve been passionate about surfers against sewage and a member for years but I want to do far more than just send a few pounds a month, that’s why I’ve chosen this incredible charity for the worlds first yoke carry 1/2 marathon!”