Lucas Chumbo in what was one of the giant waves of the day at Nazaré . That the lantern does not appear flat speaks of how far this bomb began to break. Just look at the size of Lucas compared to the wave, which shows the size of this monster. Full respect to all the crews at there, stay safe.

This was the worst Wipeout of the day. CJ Macias tried to go in one of the waves of the day, it seemed that everything was going well when he was seen coming out of the foam, but something made him lose his balance and fall in the worst possible place. A fall that cost him an exposed fracture to his arm. We wish CJ Maciasa speedy recovery.

Not everything is rosy in Praia do Norte, as the saying goes, “you have to pay, to play” and Pedro had to pay, but luckily his fall had not escaped the eyes of one of the best not only surfers but also rescuers in Nazaré,`Lucas Chumbo, who was quick to rescue him heroically.