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Matt doesn’t believe human behavior is influencing global warming. Matt has a 5th grade degree in science from Pierpont elementary.

It’s December 7th and it feels like it’s June. Been flat and gloomy. August had 55 degree water. I swear the pipe used to have a half decent arrangement of cobbles for a somewhat rippable albeit soft peeler. Now it’s a turd. Theres a graveyard of pipe cobbles at San Jon. No rain to restock the pipe.

‘Star Bar,’ remember that? Every 4/5 years there’d be a rain event significant enough to create a massive sandbar at Santa Clara river mouth that extended out 100 yards sometimes more. It’s been about 17 years since the last ‘Star Bar.’

What I’m saying is I notice a change, in my short time of paying attention to the weather where I live, 20 or so years, and that is alarming. 20 years is a tiny slice of time for drastic change. Is it purely a cycle? Or is the earth a microwave choking on carbon and there’s no turning back? I know everyone reading this is an expert, can we get some scientific evaluation? Anyone wanna compare notes from your regional data?

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