Born and raised in Cronulla, Jordy Turansky follows in a long line of iconic Southside surfers. Legends such as Occy, Greeny, Matt Griggs, Richard Dog Marsh, or current WSL tearaway Connor O’Leary and hard charging Kipp Caddy. The area has always been synonymous with great surfers and big wave chargers.
Jordy seems to be fitting into both sides of the equation. Small in stature, but going big where it counts, Jordy has been sharpening his game on waves of consequence in and around his local reefs now for a few years.
To consider he didn’t start surfing until he was 12, is a pretty impressive feat. 6 years in and he’s swinging on waves that most of us will never even want to look at. Currently 18 yrs old, he was to finish his HSC school year at the end of 20, planned on going to lndo and Hawaii in 2021. but COVID and travel restrictions re routed his strike mission to local shores.
So he packed up his swag, his boards and wettys and headed out into the unknown with Kipp Caddy, (surfer) Sam Venn ( photog) Cameron Staunton ( filmmaker). From southern NSW, Victoria, South Oz, comes GAP YEAR.
Countless hours in the car, near death wipeouts at remote reefs and plenty of good times with good friends. Jordy has a large future ahead and we salute those who get up, get going and get amongst it.