Rocky Point. Photo Manu Miguelez

As we all know Fuerteventura is one of the Europes most popular surf destinations but a new plan to build a harbour for cruise ships is threatening the future of several of the go to waves and the local ecology. The development could affect Lobos, Harbour Left and Rocky Point.

Can not be serious.

Locals are organising protests and Manu Miguelez has set up a petition we need you to sign to help them here

Rockys and Harbour Left are go to waves in many cases and the whole area is vital for small local businesses reliant on tourism revenue.

“The expansion of the Corralejo dock will lead to the direct disappearance of two well-known and appreciated spots Punta Elena and El Muelle, and it is very likely that it will have a very serious impact on the wave of Lobos, the second longest right of Europe.

“The project for the new port of Corralejo threatens to destroy the already fragile balance of the area by multiplying maritime traffic, adding noise, chemical and waste pollution to an already over-exploited area and above all devaluing what is most beautiful, our biodiversity.

“It puts at risk multiple sports areas for the practice of surfing, an activity that generates profit at the labour level in the local community.

“The development for which our islands must bet is one that is responsible with the environment, sustainable in the long term, maintaining the Canarian culture and tradition and all its incentives.

“Let’s promote ecotourism, the discovery of our nature to the world, protecting it for posterity.

The time has come when all of us, united, have to stop this monstrous project.”

Please sign the petition here