Imagine being washed on and between the rocks under Nazares cliffs with a huge wild swell running? Me neither!

How it started Photo @denisthetuna

“Really wild conditions yesterday here in Nazare from storm Barra,’ posts Cotty “It went from not even wanting to surf, to ok I’ll get one and feel it out to having one of those situations which make you glad you’ve been putting the hours in training so hard and lucky enough to be surrounded my some of the best watermen in the world. Thanks @alemaodemaresias for the tow ins and obviously the crew who helped us out . @rodrigokoxa @marcelolunaoficial @atlanticsafaris @ericrebiere @polvo32 . 🙌🏽🌊❤️ .”

Kind of understated when you see the footage…

Coo er phot by 📸 @denisthetuna