When Jack Coleman says he has new project, the automatic response is ‘Can I see it?’ Even if he says “It’s kind of based around here with not any real big names it…” my interest is immediately peaked. Because if Jack Coleman tells you he has just finished a 5 year passion project about an underground ripper, you can’t not be itching to see it – because everything Coleman makes is overflowing with passion.

POLYSUN centres around Jack’s friend Joey Bookout, a surf shop employee with a unique style and extensive quiver. “I really love watching him surf,” explains Jack. “He rides anything and everything – often repurposing boards that he finds something he likes in.” One minute Joey is getting barrelled on a Kneelo, the next he’s ripping up a point break on a twinnie, then he’s speeding through the line-up on a surfmat – all with style for miles.

Another distinctive Coleman signature is a killer soundtrack – and POLYSUN is no different. Set to Relatively Clean Rivers’s self-titled 1975 album – the cords and vocals propelling the film along, overflowing with soulful harmonies. “Overall, the album almost gives the impression of documenting the dying embers of a band of hippies who’ve found refuge in one of the last safe places for souls of such a mindset, clinging to their credo as their species awaits oncoming extinction,” says Coleman. “The band never cracked the mainstream but yeah, I thought it had a great feel to it as the driving force of sound for POLYSUN.”

As legendary surf scribe Jamie Brisick says “POLYSUN follows Joey’s unique lines—in the water and out. Joey works at a surf shop, and shapes here and there, and seems to always have a bit of resin on his hands as he rides all manner of surf craft in all manner of conditions. You never quite know what he’s going to do next —and, it seems, neither does Joey. It’s all improv. As the surfing world becomes increasingly homogenized, Joey flies the flag for individuality. POLYSUN carries no message—in fact it kicks against the very notion of messages—but if it did it’d go something like: ‘Dance like no one’s around.’”

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